Bookworm Blasphemy

How about we all just sit in a circle, put on some chill tunes, and take turns with the Feeling Stick?

Never fear, if you are not a New Girl aficionado! The rules of the aptly (yet unfortunately) named Feeling Stick are simple: whoever is holding the Feeling Stick can say whatever they feel, without being judged. Did you hear me fellow Bookworms? Without. Being. Judged.

So now that I have the #feelingstick firmly in my possession: today I saw a movie I liked more than the book.

6931356 The_Duff_poster

*cue gasps of horror*

Yes, this is Bookworm Blasphemy. We pride ourselves on standing firmly beside the author’s work in face of the movie adaptations— no matter how fantastic or deplorable. It is almost better when I do not know a movie is based on a book. Then I won’t spend the entire movie checking off the differences between the two story lines ( cue a #battletothedeath in which only one can rise victorious).

I chose to read the book after seeing the trailer for the movie. It seemed spunky, light-hearted, funny, and packed with underdog goodness (and yes, a very cute male lead). The movie put a She’s All That spin on the original storyline. In contrast, the book focuses on Bianca’s issues (absent mother, father in denial, an overwhelming amount of stress) and how this leads her to seek physical relief from Wesley Rush.

Bianca spends the majority of the book running from said issues, avoiding her friends, and engaging in much of the Doing it with Wesley. I enjoyed Kody Keplinger’s humorous style well enough, but it could not distract me from wanting to shake some sense into Bianca. She stressed me out. Plus, the #hopelesslyhopefulromantic in me does not handle casual sex well in Story Land.

The movie made a couple cuts and numerous additions to improve the plot. Usually this would drive me up the wall, but this time it made the entire experience more enjoyable for me. And you know what? The best part of the book survived the script rewrites: Bianca and Wesley’s sometimes sweet and often sarcastic relationship.

About 45 percent of the time I enjoy the film adaptations almost as much as the original book. I try to look at the new piece as a remix of sorts— provided the changes in the storyline do not fill me with an intense desire to throttle everyone involved in the making of said movie. Some of these adaptations include: Bridget Jones’ Diary, A Walk to Remember, The Princess Bride, The Help, One for the Money. (<– This list makes me realize how much #RL2015 will help me branch out as a reader.)

Have you ever seen a movie you enjoyed more than the book? Please, feel free to #kickupyourfeet and consider the question. In the meantime, here is a list of 10 books-turned-movies that crashed and burned (you know, to restore balance in the Bookworm World):

  1. Blood and Chocolate
  2. The Maze Runner
  3. Ella Enchanted
  4. Jane Eyre (unless we are talking about the 2006 BBC version)
  5. The Black Cauldron
  6. The Princess Diaries sequel
  7. The Scarlet Letter
  8. Cat in the Hat
  9. Watchmen
  10. Eragon (I’m listing this one for my brother).

*RL2015 update: still reading “Paper Towns.” Everyone but Radar is currently annoying me.


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