The Great(ly overrated) and Mighty(*ily exaggerated) Bookworm


“Have you seen the latest Hunger Games movie,” my friend Lorton the Laughing Machine (name changed for my personal amusement) asked as she scrolled through Netflix.

“No,” I answered, my eyes glued to my phone. “I’ve read the books though.”


I looked over at Lorton. Her face settled into a scowl. My eyebrows lowered back at her.

“What,” I asked.

She let out a put-upon sigh before responding, “How do you always know about a series before it is popular or a book before it is a movie?”

A chuckle escaped from my mouth as I answered, “I just like to read books.”  (Bookworms, #hollabackatyourgirl.)

This apparently was not a satisfactory explanation. And yet, isn’t this normally the case? As an avid reader, I excitedly seek out what appeals to me. If a book catches my attention, I read it. Sometimes the book is later adapted for film. (Seriously, Lorton gives me more credit than I deserve.)

A quick list of books I read before they hit the silver screen: “Ella Enchanted,” “Hunger Games,” “Twilight,” “Divergent,” “Blood and Chocolate,” “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” “Vampire Academy,” “The Host,” and “Ring of Endless Light.”

On the flip side, the number of books-turned-movies I have either never heard of or had any interest in reading is much higher.

There is no #methodtothemadness when I select a book. My only criteria is it has to pique my interest. I sincerely wish I could look at a book and determine its pop culture value. I feel like such a skill would be marketable— maybe at a publishing house?

I have read hundreds of books; many of these reads will never find their way to the local Regal Cinema theater. If anything, the reason I know about certain books before they become movies is simple statistics (#helpmehighschoolmath #fakeittilyoumakeit).

Ahem. If I take a handful of pebbles and throw them into a crowd, some of them are bound to hit people, right?  So if I read hundreds of books, some are bound to appeal to a couple Hollywood Big Wigs. See? Simple math, or whatever.

Several of today’s popular series were on my bookshelf before every tween, teen, and 20-something lost their minds over them. And yet, there are way more fan clubs I never joined: John Green, Immortal Instruments, Percy Jackson, Ender’s Game/etc., Confessions of Georgia Nicholson, Maze Runner, The Inheritance Cycle….do I need to continue?

Maybe it only appears to Lorton I have the inside scoop, because I spend more hours reading than she does. I imagine, if she were on the same page as Moose or I, then she would also be in the know. (My brain is beyond tired at this point, but this makes sense, right?)

Ps. Since I tend to be #harrietthespy curious, I like to know what is coming up. I’ve found a few great lists on Buzzfeed. This is primarily where I drew upon for my “books being turned into movies” section on my 2015 Reading List.

#RL2015 update: reading “Case for Christ” by Lee Strobel. (<– looks nothing like I pictured)